Sunday, September 5, 2010

Helping hands

Since I'm freshly moved into a new place (hopefully - I'm writing this pre-move and since I'll be internetless for the first while scheduling blog posts is a must), I'm no stranger to loads of boxes and lots of helping hands! Leslie came across this image on deviantart and I thought it was so cute I'd share it with all of you:

How charming! Here's to hoping my move was successful and that the internet connects soon so I can share all my pictures with you! Hooray!


  1. So cute. You are supposed to have internet today - does that mean you'll respond to something finally???

  2. Very cute picture! I love all of those little box pictures! I hope the big move was a success. :)

  3. We are SUPPOSED to have the internet connected today but still no luck! Hopefully it is up by 11:59 tonight!!!