Monday, September 13, 2010

The Black Spot!

A while back I read a blog post from elycia showing some adorable pictures of her kitty anakin! I (of course) instantly fell in love with such a charming ginger cat and love all the little black specks on his nose. Take a peek:

I told you he was cute! And what a great picture! Well, this got to me thinking - I have always wondered why my mom's evil cat percy mysteriously had a black spot appear on his nose one day and it turns out this is a common thing in ginger kitties! After further investigation I learned that the dirt specks are because of a condition called lentigo simplex and is similar to freckling on humans! Yup all those little melanocytes just like to cluster together and cause the darker coloration! Fun!

Naturally I decided this was a perfect opportunity to snap some pictures of percy to show off his black spot (which honestly is sort of suiting - since percy is pure evil and a single black spot signifies the death card in pirate...) but of course this turned out to be a difficult task. Observe my series of snap shots where percy refuses to make eye contact:

Thanks stinkums. Finally I got a good evil glare out of him though (note black spot):

Okay percy. You win. No cute pictures for you today...this snaggle tooth one from a few months ago will have to do:

Perhaps he'll get a few more spots in his old age and the evil gene will be suppressed a bit! Here's hoping! At least he loves you mom...