Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Find: Ladies & Gentlemen

This week's find is Ladies & Gentlemen, a charming etsy shop filled with lovely vintage goodies. Even though I enjoy thrift store finds, one item caught my attention in the shop - a giant doily rug! Take a look:

Oh my that is impressive! The doily is handwoven out of cotton rope which I'm sure takes ages (hence the hefty pricetag) and looks super cool! Maybe I'll attempt a copycat version later on when I've got some spare time on my hands. Everyone wants on for xmas this year right?


  1. Looks good. Could it be macrame? Mom

  2. I notice your posts are really short right now. Hope the move is going well! Does a doily count as a doily when it's this big and used as a rug? I like this one. I think you'd be better off with it than the pompom rug (because so much less gross hair and dust will stick in it). Good luck making it!