Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Find: Lydia's Lovelies

Today's friday find is perfectly suited to me because:

1) I'm always cold (especially the feets!)
2) Granny squares are the absolute ultimate (good gidget quote there)
3) I am not so secretly a 79 year old woman...

Yup. That sounds convincing right? Check these babies out:

Oh how lovely! Hopefully lydia's lovelies will be restocking her etsy shop soon with even more granny square goodness to drool over! In the mean time I may need to attempt a pair of these on my own...


  1. my feet are so dang cold right now, they would be perfect to warm my tootsies up!!!

  2. Do you think they could considered "Business casual" for work?

  3. They are pretty cute and Percy would love them. Mom

  4. I love Gidget!!! :)

    These shoes look so cozy. How do people come up with this awesome stuff??? I wish I could have more creative ideas like this! ;)

  5. I love the contrast of Granny Squares with a tattoo!
    P.S. - I have linked to your blog from mine - it's such fun!

  6. Gidget didn't think granny squares were cool, did she? I thought she only had eyes for Moondoggie.

  7. I'm not 79 yet but heck I want those cozies too!