Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hello september! An insanely busy month for me filled with:

1) Moving! Today! Downtown! Exciting!
2) Potential birth of leslie's baby making me an auntie for the first time!
3) A million doctors appointments (boo)
4) So many awesome musical events (Including said the whale and great bloomers/wooden sky in town, and rifflandia in victoria!!)
5) A new bloggy soundtrack
6) Peter and krista's wedding!
7) The anniversary of my blog (has it been a year already?)
8) A new kittens inspired by kittens inspired calendar page:

Okay - if you're a little confused by this one not to worry. I went as a french mustache cat (like my button) for halloween last year and to get into character I did some searches on the internet and apparently french cats laugh by saying "ron ron ron ron". You learn something new everyday I suppose...

What fun and exciting things do you have planned for the month?


  1. well, "ronronner" is french for "to purr"..... so maybe that's where it comes from?

    sounds like an action packed month!

  2. Who will I talk to and actually get some feedback from??? Your Dad - ha ha ha. Mom
    P.S. I will miss you! I know you are only about ten minutes away and we have telephones.

  3. I wouldn't count your new place as downtown. It's not nearly scuzzy enough for that! It's more like the valleyview transition zone.

    Hope you took my advice! Hope it's a smooth move too (heheh).

  4. Also, what do you mean POTENTIAL birth? It's coming out in September fo' sho'! At least, it will if you don't jinx me by blogging evil, late-baby thoughts >:(