Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini Moo!

In preparation for the holiday season I decided to reorder and remake more of my mini moo bookmarks! They are a deliciously simple project that I'm sure is easy enough to figure out:

Step 1 - Order mini moo cards (I used my illustrations I use for my buttons)
Step 2 - Hole punch cards
Step 3 - Tie piece of ribbon to card
Step 4 - Give out as freebies with etsy orders and spread the bookmark love!

What fun! Here is a glimpse of my first bookmark creations:

With the remake I decided to branch out with the ribbon colours (oh what a rebel) and ended up with a lovely cup full of freebies:

Yay! They work great as giftcards too! And please take this moment to catch a tiny glimpse of the kitchen of my new house (in the background of the cup of moo image)! If you're an avid blog reader you may recognize my fish tank and kittens inspired by kittens calendar? I'm hoping to take a blog tour of the new house once I finish getting settled (i.e. actually putting things up on the wall and unpacking the rest of my crafting nook)...which I'm sure will happen one of these the mean time I'm celebrating moo bookmarks! Hooray!


  1. Like the new ribbon colours, you rebel.

  2. I love this idea!! I just got my Mini Moo business cards in the mail today. I LOVE them so much! I think I will copy your idea!