Thursday, September 2, 2010

Doily DIY

I can't deny it. I love martha stewart crafts - especially ones involving doilies! Her site has some wonderful doily images ready to print out and decorate with! Check them out on cookie tins:

Oh how wonderful! Especially since I am a huge doily fan and I'm freshly moved into a place with no cookie tins! I'm actually really hoping to come across a nice simple blank recipe box I can paint up with martha's doily images but no such luck! Why is it so hard to find recipe boxes these days? Do people not cook anymore? Any tips?


  1. No tips. If they don't have something at a craft store, you're out of luck. Why don't you use a photo album instead? Also, do you really need a cookie tin? This is your first place after all. Don't try to become Martha Stewart overnight!

  2. Its a good thing I'm here to take care of your recipe box needs.
    -PS Martha is my hero.-Linds

  3. TINS! I can always use another cute tin. Now here to keep it (them)... oh, I know in a recently cleaned out room. I could go wild!!! Mom