Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mini Break!

Despite the fact that summer vacation somehow seemed to bypass me and everyone is all geared up for 'back to school' and 'back to the grindstone' - I am ready for a mini break! So very similar to last year - I've decided to embrace the fact that I'm not a slave to the learning establishment and head to victoria for a few days to enjoy quite possibly the coolest autumnal music festival ever - Rifflandia!

Yup! Time to overload my indie senses with all the indie shops, indie food, and indie music I can handle! And beyond the obvious music amazingness I'll be soaking in, I am particularly excited for the government street market victoria has on sundays! I'm thinking that my budgeting might get a bit of a stretch this month to make room for all the crafty goodness I'll be dying to take advantage of - but we'll see. Oh, and not to worry blog readers, I have scheduled loads of posts for you while I'm gone! See you all in a few days! Wish me luck!


  1. Buy lots of baby things! If you're going to blow your budget, it should at least be on things you can give away so you don't have to be reminded of how bad you were this month!

  2. So excited! I actually have my Rifflandia wristband on right now. And - best part of all - I walked into the Noodlebox, ordered my black bean noodles, and they gave me a DISCOUNT simply because I had the wristband.

    I got a coupon without even knowing it! And the Silk Road is giving away FREE tea! Rifflandia truly is Christmas in September.