Monday, May 2, 2011

cactus update time!

I'm so happy to say that spring has finally ( seemed to take forever) arrived and I'm really enjoying the sunshine beaming in my kitchen window! I'm sure my cactus collection is also enjoying those warm rays and it is looking particularly cheery these days:

I took a while slew of pictures of my brightly coloured pots and tea cups of plants when I saw them gleaming in the sun and I am really quite fond of this close up/green pot angle pose:

Ah! Don't they just look ready to take on the day ( the best possible way stationary spiky plants can take on things...)? I think so! And I've got some wonderful progress with my adventures in plant growing! Remember that little stolen snip of cactus I got from a restaurant and put in my upcycled pesto container? No? Well my Grandma had a huge one by her front door when I was growing up and since she passed last year I decided I would need to get my own as a fond memorial:

Well the root hormone must have worked because the little buddy is actually growing! Woo hoo! Check him out:

How nice to see I'm not killing him off! Since spring is in full swing now I've also been spending a bit of time trying to revamp our weed ridden front flower bed and have been keeping my eyes peeled for a trug to help with the weeding/planting! Apparently no one even knows what a trug is when I ask them about it (seriously - you should have seen/heard the responses from everyone..) meaning I've been checking out all the gardening shops in town. I'm sure you could imagine my excitement when I came across a wonderful full sized healthy Euphorbia cactus! I snapped him up, named him Hamish, re-potted him into a less hideous simple green pot, and sprinkled his dirt/coffee grounds with aquarium pebbles:

Hooray! Isn't Hamish a dear? I was pleased to see that his little plant fact card said he is "very resilient" and I'm just trying to figure out the best place for him to get the most sunlight. The woman at the garden shop even said that she keeps her Euphorbia outside on her deck during the summer months so Hamish might get a few outings in before the year is out! Oh what fun!

And to keep on with the lovely cactus/plant glee I'm feeling my Mom was kind enough to bring me a pair of wee cacti gems as a present during a dinner party I held for my parents a few weeks ago! I just love the new take on the sugar and cream containers:

Yay! Things are looking up as far as my green thumb is concerned! Now I just need to keep watering those seeds I germinated and planted in the front bed and in no time I might even have a nice flower bed to show you all! Anyone else out there into plants? Are you the indoor or outdoor garden type? Any tips or tricks for me?


  1. OH MAN! I want a milk tree cactus thingie just like Hamish! Only I'd name it Lafayette or Fast Eddie.

    Your cacti are great. I recently got rid of some old, ailing houseplants and plan to replace them with a cactus or two when I get back from my vacation.

  2. Hamish is such a cute name! I like the one in the lacy jar :) He's a fighter!

  3. Hurray for cacti! I can hardly wait for my kitchen reno to be finished and your Dad puts up my old shelf and two new ones. Percy is enjoying the plants I am growing for my garden as I haven't a place to put them where he can't reach them. May be the fridge - no - he has been up there. Mom

  4. Aw, so many cute cacti! I am jealous, I have zero green thumb skills and somehow manage to kill every plant I've ever been given, haha. :P

  5. LOve cactus, your collection Rules! you used nice pots to put them in :)

  6. I love your cacti! My house is too dark for houseplants, I think, because they all die ;_; But I do have a budding outdoor garden (he he, get it?). My courtyard is all brick and on sunny days that means it is a heat trap; add in some 40oC days over summer ... and a lot of my plants out there die as well. My best way to stop that so far is a couple of wooden frames with shadecloth streched and nailed over (kinda like a shadecloth canvas ...). It's not pretty, but it works, and I can take them away during the cooler months.

    I like to grow fruit and vegetables; currently I have got mint, rosemary, garlic, onions, potatoes, and passionfruit. Whenever I have fruit or vegetable scraps (or the odd yucky fruit or veg from the supermarket bag) I plant them in the garden. I have grown quite a few things this way! And if they don't grow, they fertilize the soil. Huzzah!

    I also have jasmine and agapanthas, because they are pretty and relatively easy to grow. And the jasmine and mint together smell awesome! Also, planting flowers alongside vegetables confuses some of the vegetable eating moths - so they fly away and don't eat my plants. Yay!

    Sorry for the massive comment! Obviously, I'm pretty keen on gardening! ~_^