Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mini Break Crafting! Day 5 of 11

The week continues with more felt brooches! I guess I'm a little predictable when it comes to "new exciting crafts I want to make". Alas. I've been dreaming about whales a lot lately and decided to make one to celebrate! Oh, except this little dude had a crown and mustache (so is a royal whale in disguise):

Not too bad for a pattern-less project if you ask me. The day before we left for vacation I was still frantically making projects to share with all of you and decided I'd wing a whale pin to throw in the batch. I definitely want to experiment with more whale designs in the future but for the time being I need your help! What do you think whale should be named?


  1. I think it's ok, but that that crown and mustache might be a bit much for one cute little dude. I'd go with just one or the other if it were me. That said, it's still pretty awesome.

  2. You should name him Wilfred

  3. So cute! I was trying to think of a kingly name that started with w (I like alliteration!) and then I came here and saw Sarra's comment. Wilfred is a great name! Although now I have remembered another awesome name which is Wilburforce. Very monarch-esque ^_^