Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vacation Recap! part I

My vertigo is showing no signs of departure from my poor body right now but I've decided to spill all the fun details of my wonderful vacation despite my dizziness! After all, you have been very patient with my filler posts the last few days and it has been an entire week since I've been home! Clearly we're long overdue for a cruise recap so let's get to it!

I've decided to split my recaps into three parts to cover the whole 1.5 weeks I was gone so today part I is going to include the first three days of our trip! Hooray!

Day 1 - Fraser and I drove to Vancouver after work. I frantically packed that morning (so not a typical Kate move - but it seemed to work out) and decided to go for a wardrobe consisting entirely of 1) cardigans, 2) tshirts (with undershirts...I always wear undershirts), 3) jersey skirts (or dresses), 4) tights and flats, and 5) cute accessories! I also spent the last moments before leaving trying to upload all of my vacation craft pictures so you would have blog posts to read while I was away. We made it to the coast super late after a fun trip of Beatles music sing-a-long and dark chocolate peanut M&M's (so good!).

Day 2 - We got up super early to catch a shuttle to the airport and I got to meet the other 16 lovely ladies we were going on the cruise with (since it was a work outing for Fraser's Dad's dental office). I got my exciting first trip through customs and even though we were still technically in Vancouver I was pretty stoked about the huge "Welcome to the United States" sign I got to walk under! What fun! I then spent the wait time finishing up my blog posts for the week on my trusty iPad:

There I am! Did you notice the outfit formula? I am thinking this combination is my tried and tested clothing option for supreme comfort without looking frumpy. Bonus? No annoying metal belts or difficult shoes to go through security with! Oh don't I look like a prepared flyer!

Then it was a quick 2.5 hour flight to L.A and we made it! No more rain and just blue skies and palm trees:

We got to our hotel fairly early in the day giving us enough time to walk across the street (yes, very convenient hotel placement) to Disneyland:

Okay - so with my level of motion sickness and budgeting we didn't actually go into Disneyland...but we did explore the downtown Disney shopping. They had immaculate grounds and loads of neat stores like a Lego one with huge Lego structures:

Fraser and I also spend a ton of time in the Fossil store (I thought of you the whole time Sarra) where I was hoping to find a replacement for my sad broken Fossil watch from last May (link). As it turned out they had loads of fun stuff to look at and Fraser bought me and himself new watches! Take a looksie:

So much fun! While all the dental assistants and hygienists went to an outlet mall, Fraser and I spent a while lounging on the fun rooftop pool! Then off to bed for an early start on Friday (our entire day in LA)! Woo hoo!

Day 3 - Today we decided to split from the group (who was really interested in going to Disneyland) and head to the supposedly wonderful LA Science Center. We called a cab to take us from Anaheim to downtown LA and although our cab driver claimed he knew where he was going, he definitely did not. We somehow went from the insane 12 lane highway (where motorcyclists buzz down the dotted center lines without helmets and make me cringe) to a super sketch neighbourhood that pretty much ended in the ghetto. Not all hope was lost! We survived the trip once the driver phoned and asked for directions (for the 4th or 5th time) and finally arrived at the science center! The verdict? The LA Science Center is made for 10 year olds...but I did enjoy the biology section with the aquariums and animals. Just check out that DNA molecule!:

We spend the rest of our day at the Natural History Museum which was amazing! If you're ever in the area (and have a cab driver who doesn't try to get you killed) I totally recommend it. It was a blast! They had loads of neat exhibits on animals from all over the world, a bug zoo, a huge rock collection, and loads of bones! Here's Fraser and his new friend:

Or how about a wall of antlers?

The building itself was quite impressive too! It was enormous and in the center there was a neat statue and stained glass work:

Isn't that pretty? Or how about the massive fin whale skeleton:

Man was the museum ever neat! And to think that fin whales aren't even the biggest of the whales! Boy the world we live in is fascinating! Oh, and don't let me forget to tell you about the cool bird section! Do I ever have a long way to go on my bird watching skills! Ah! So much fun!

After the long day we headed back to the hotel for an early night (again, I know, I'm an old lady!) to get ready for the cruise ship the next day! Tune in tomorrow for part II of my vacation recap! What do you think of part I? Has anyone else seen any cool museums I should check out?

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