Friday, May 13, 2011

Mini Break Crafting! Day 10 of 11

My mini break is almost over and we've just got two days left of crafts to show you. I reallly racked my brains in quick projects to whip up to show you so I brought on yet another felt brooch set! This time I'm reaching out to the colorful dog lovers out there with felt wiener pup:

I really enjoy the stitching on the dog's back and his little feet! I couldn't really decide on which colour to make so I made 3 to chose from! I really like the teal one myself:

Aha! What do you think? Which one to you like best?


  1. Phew! Day 10. I for day 11 you made a sash to wear and display all of these brooches. Like the ultimate craft savvy gift pack!

  2. So cute! I think I like the yellow puppy the best ^_^

  3. Is there a pattern/template you'd like to share?