Saturday, May 28, 2011


Let's celebrate the weekend by exploring the five new exciting things happening around my house these last few days.

New #1 - New mail:

Hooray for postcards from friends in far away places! I was overjoyed to get this kitty themed post from Lucas this past week. It totally perked up the dreary rainy day and gave me a daily kitten dose (although he assures me the strays around Greece aren't that cute).

New #2 - New bird feeder:

The sad little orange mesh bird seed bell has been devoured at last and I've replaced it with a recycled bird feeder gazebo! How fancy! Well..more like when I went to find a new bird seed bell they didn't have any...but this was the next best (as in cheapest) thing I could find! Plus it is totally less ugly than that orange sack hanging from the tree and will hopefully lure loads of little chubby birds to my yard! Hip hip hooray!

New #3 - New sign for Fraser:

Lindsay actually caught my pinterest attention on this one and boy it is ever perfect for Fraser! I mean batman and motivational towards artwork? Awesome! I printed out a little version of this and taped it to the monitor in his studio and then giggled to myself for a good 10 minutes. He didn't end up seeing it until I was already in bed but apparently we had a good conversation about it while I was sleeping (yes, I hold conversations while I sleep - doesn't everyone?)

New #4 - New sign:

No, we didn't buy a house I just thought the "BOUGHT" sign on one of the houses down the street looks so bizarre. I mean why choose "bought" over "sold"? It isn't even fewer letters so it's not like they were trying to save money on printing. Ack! It is so silly! I just don't get it. Give me an old fashioned sold sign any day. What is the world coming to?

New #5 - New bed!:

Okay... I'm jumping the gun on this one a bit but Fraser and I are in the process of replacing our wee 3/4 size (that's right we share a bed that is smaller than a double) bed with a new queen! Oh the luxury! We found a great deal on a mattress and are planning on heading down to the coast next next weekend with Fraser's parents to pick up an inexpensive bed frame from Ikea! Fraser is looking for "a bed without a foot board" (nice specifications hey?) and I'm looking for "a nice timeless bed that will last us a good 20 years and have loads of storage options"! Any suggestions? I'm also stoked to get some new sheets for our new bed/mattress/comforter while we're at Ikea too since 1) they have an awesome selection 2) there are lots of gender neutral designs and 3) they are so much cheaper than all the $200 and $300 semi-acceptable sheet sets they sell here in town!

Ah! So much new fun! What's new in your life?


  1. Hurray for Ikea. I love birds and your new feeder. I need a motivation sign to get myself in gear. Mom

  2. You can't fit many storage thingies under the malm, though it is a really nice bed frame. We have the matching side tables and dressers, too. I'd really like the hide-behind-the-headboard shelf thingie. That would be cool!

    Oh, and that BOUGHT sign is just odd.