Friday, May 6, 2011

Mini Break Crafting! Day 3 of 11

While I am exploring the sites of LA today you can enjoy another one of my Studio Ghibili mini break crafts - soot sprite magnets! Check them out:

I'm still totally loving all the wool felt Fraser got for me last week and I thought I'd try to break away from my felt brooches with a more universal craft - felt magnets! These little guys were a ton of fun to whip up and although you can barely see them, I did include some little smiles on these dudes since I couldn't add them to my soot sprite pom poms:

Since I didn't get to altering all my images of my crafts before I left on vacation I'll have to wait until I return from my trip before listing them in my etsy shop - but be patient! They'll make it in there in a week and a half! Hope you're enjoying craft week! What do you think of the magents?


  1. These are even cuter in person! Maybe I will "borrow" one today when I go to pick up your mail and mist your ficus!


  2. They are super cute! I like how your 'break away' is actually just changing the backing :)

    I think RED smiles would pop, but maybe they would look like vampire soot sprites.

  3. AHH!!!!!!! Ok so I need these too! Also I bought some new Studio Ghibli movies yesterday (Nausica and Tales From Earthsea) so you'll need to borrow them for inspiration for more Studio Ghibli crafts.

  4. I went and made sure they were behaving while you are away. So far so good. Mom

  5. I just love soot sprites. They are too cute! These turned out great! :)