Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why is it?

Why exactly is it that after my week and a half of carefully picking out fun little presents to bring home to my niece Jean that she enjoyed the bag I brought them in the best of all?

Oh what a cutie she is! I'm sure she'll enjoy her adorable garden plate, little crab puppet book, and mr. teeny t at some point, but that bag was just too tempting! And what a perfect fit:

It is so nice to have her here to visit with (hint hint Leslie - time to move closer)! As for me, I'm still pretty under the weather as far as my vertigo so I'll save my cruise recap for another day when I have a little more time to give to spend sifting through the hundreds of pictures! For the time being cute baby pics will have to do! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Haha! Well, it is a cute bag! She is adorable. :)

  2. Ooh, my wee sweet babe is such a... babe! Can't wait for some nicer weather and a visit. Maybe we could head downtown before you head to work one of these days.

  3. Oh what a cutie! You're right, she will love the other gifts too, but sometimes with kids they aren't ready for it at the moment, and something else stands out!

  4. She sure is a cute baby! Just like the two I had. Mom