Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm home!

Well I made it home after a wonderful trip cruising (and shopping) up the coast and I am pooped! Whew! In fact, when I turned my computer on and saw the 1419 blog posts I missed out on during my vacation I decided I am much too tired to blog and will show you this adorable nap stack of kitties instead:

Thanks Lindsay for repinning such adorable orange cat pictures! Look at this cute one too:

Ahahaha! Or spooning giant kitty:

I wonder if that is what it looks like when I lay next to Fraser (since I'm orange haired and he's a brunette)...ok...I'm not quite that large but after a week and a half of amazing cruise buffet food it might be time to trim down a bit! Hehe! Happy Monday! Hopefully I'll be more energized to share the trip with everyone tomorrow...


  1. 8 awesomes and no comments? Hooray for big orange kitties! By the way, Fraser's totally a blonde, not a brunette.

  2. Where is Percy? He is getting nicer and sits n my lap almost every day!!! Mom