Thursday, May 19, 2011

Howdy Pilgrims! I'm recording losing on my blog posts these days. I'm usually all organized and pre-scheduled with cool projects and things to show you but this week apparently my mind is still on vacation because I am just not being productive enough and my to do list has run rampant! Eeps! I've decided (well Lindsay suggested) that I will reveal all the fun details of my week and a half vacation over the next few days so I can catch up on my sanity (while showing you loads of pictures from the trip!) Hooray for vicarious cruises for everyone! Here is my most "United States" looking picture of John Wayne and I in the airport in Orange County:

I really like how his hands look behind my head and of course the giant flag! What a warm welcome to the country to my south! Also - apparently I am ridiculously un-photogenic since most of our vacation pics have me with my eyes closed or a silly unattractive expression on my face so much sifting will be done before I share them with you. I also had a terrible rash all over my face for the first week of the trip which I conveniently photoshopped out of this image! Woo hoo for photo editing! Happy Thursday!


  1. Nice photo. I know you will have lots of tails to tell when you have time. Mom

  2. Oh no- how did you get a rash? Glad it went away :)

  3. haha John Wayne is cradling your head!