Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chevron Wednesday!

I'm a huge fan of following the crafty trends and just as I predicted back in January, chevron prints are totally rising the crafty charts in 2011! Okay, so maybe they aren't insanely popular (yet), but I am loving all the zig-zag projects on pinterest! Let's take a peek at my fav three:

1) Shoe box lid wall art:

Just my type of project - quick, inexpensive, and in an awesome colour scheme! I think I'd prefer to make some little canvases (well...probably more like ask Fraser to make me some) for a more long lasting art installment! Fun!

2) DIY chevron pillow covers from stripey fabric:

Well even though turning striped fabric into zig zags isn't totally rocket science I totally love the yellow and cream finished product! Perhaps not the perfect project for my house (with my already striped throw pillows and striped love seat), but I'd love to make some DIY chevron fabric for say...a clutch? Sounds lovely! Ok, so finding chevron fabric might be a smidge easier than making me own but it is a nice option regardless...

3) Chevron wall!

Hooray! Bring on the chevron! Yup - not so likely that I'll be doing this project any time soon (being a non home owner and all...) but I still think it's super awesome!

So how about you? In love with the chevron prints like me? I definitely need to keep my eyes peeled for chevron accessories to fill my chevron void in my life. Also I think chevron prints may have made their way into my crafty heart up there with pom poms and doilies...and I've said "chevron" entirely too many times during this blog post. Happy Wednesday!


  1. have you seen these:

    just saw them on another blog - love!

  2. I really like it. I've been seeing this print around a lot more lately.

  3. The wall is a bit bold for me- but the shoebox art is awesome!

  4. Very cool! I'd say more, but I'm in the middle of a "oh my god I have to travel for two days straight with a baby AND repack in the middle of those two days" panic. EEEEK.

  5. I am i the fall out of Leslie's panic! Mom