Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Find: lizwill

The other day I met my friend Jordan for coffee. As the day progressed we very quickly realized that the coffee shop we wanted to go to was indeed closed, so we'd have to improvise! We ended up making coffee at my house with the half pound of coffee I got in Seattle, and the (both still in the boxes) coffee burr grinder and coffee press I'd bought while still living at my parents house. It was quite the epic ordeal (since I rinsed off the grinder and the semi wet coffee grounds clogged up the burrs) but we did end up with a Bodum full of extra deliciousness (like 1.5 hours later...)! We also got to catch up and he got to show me some of the fun Etsy shops he's been buying from and I just love the neat art of Lizwill! Look at the print Jordan bought:

Why yes that is a kitten ninja shooting energy from his hands! It's called "kitten juggles the cosmos" and I think it is wonderful! They have a whole bunch of bizarre and amazing prints for sale I can't decide which I like best! Take a peek at the fox, storm trooper, and moose ones I've been coveting:

Ah! So much fun and so random! As for me, I've been spending my spare moments packaging up a wholesale order for a shop in Vancouver so I'll be back tomorrow with part I of my vacation recap! Happy Friday!


  1. Where are you going to be selling in Vancouver? I know of a place where your goods would fit in nicely!

  2. Yes, where are you selling in Vancouver? I like the moose picture the best both in subject and colour. Mom

  3. I'm selling at Plush on Main Street! I'll do a blog post about it once I get them out so I can give links and pictures for everyone! I'm so excited!