Sunday, April 22, 2012

Man Bows

Before Fraser went off on his practicum we bought him some new spiffy teacher clothes. It will be quite the adjustment to stay away from the jeans, converse, and tshirt look he's been sporting for so long, but sacrifices must be made right? He would joke to me often about wearing a tweed sport coat to school and although it would need a little tailoring to be snappy, I think Fraser suits the geek look quite well! I figure he is the perfect candidate for bow ties since 1) they are enormously geeky, 2) they are dressy for work, and 3) they are making a comeback! Have you seen all the awesome forage bow ties scattered on all the hip internet sites! Those things are everywhere - take a peek:

There are however a few problems with these ties since I don't have an extra $68 US + shipping to drop on one, and if you've ever tried to tie a bow tie you'll quickly learn what a pain they are! The solution? Making your own! ECAB has an awesome tie tutorial that is even adjustable so you'll only need to tie it once! Perfect! Check it out:

I think it is just as charming as the forage ones and is the perfectly manly version of a bow you can get. Now I just need to convince Fraser that he needs to start sporting them and rummage through the fabric scraps! What do you think? Are you into man bows?


  1. I use to be able to tie a bow tie, it was a part of a halloween costume. I bet if I looked hard enough it would turn up.

  2. I like the bow tie look too, though I wouldn't wear it on a practicum at a high school because kids are awful and would be super mean and poorly behaved if you played the geek card too soon.

  3. I love it!! I think the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who has helped bring them back as he points out, bow ties are cool!

  4. I like long ties more than bow ties ... but they are making a comeback, so maybe they'll grow on me ~_^