Tuesday, April 17, 2012

my own rubber stamps!

I've been thinking about getting my own rubber stamps made for quite some time. I thought they'd be super handy for packaging, craft show bags, and etsy sales but was a little hesitant taking the plunge. A few years ago I tried to find a place to get stamps made in Kamloops with no luck! Rats! I found a few custom stamp places online but wasn't pleased with the pricing and really didn't want to go with one of those self inking plastic stamps. Add in the hefty shipping costs and wait times and my stamp dreams were on the back burner yet again. That is, until now!

As it turns out Victoria has its very own custom stamp and engraving shop just over the Bay Bridge with reasonable pricing, friendly staff, and options galore! Hooray! Check out my new custom rubber stamp friends I got made:

Aren't they just perfect? I'm beyond thrilled with how they turned out and can't wait to use them all the time! The url stamp will be extra handy with packaging (since I often resort to hand printing my website on the back of things) and can combine the two a nice touch on my paper bags I give out at craft shows:

I love it! I left the speech bubble empty so I can customize the message as I want and may even resort to using my stamps for the cards I use to package etsy sales. I also thought it would be fun to add the little happy bacillus on envelopes too:

Yay! What fun! If you're ever interested in getting your own rubber stamps made I totally recommend the guys over at Custom Stamp & Engraving LTD and they even ship worldwide! So what do you think? Any thoughts on other uses for my new stamps?


  1. They're like a dream come true!!!!!

  2. What will become of the stamps Fraser made you?

  3. I love stamps but don't use them very much. I don't think my art work would hold a candle to yours! If I think of one I would like I will have to contract you to do one for me. Mom

  4. I love them! Ive been thinking of getting stamps for my business too...maybe soon I hope.

    have an awesome day Kate(:


  5. Wow! They turned out great! ^_^