Monday, April 30, 2012

Bring on the beads!

Amidst my internet surfing, I came across this amazing necklace from Toast. I love how simple and bold is and how awesome it pairs with casual and semi dressy outfits! Take a peek:


Isn't it fun? Unfortunately with my extreme frugality these days I am not about to pay 25 pounds for one (plus shipping from the UK). Alas. On the plus side however, it looks super easy to replicate and even uses the slide knot closure I used with my wooden pendants! Check it out again on a model:


Looks like I need to take a trip to the bead shop and see if I can find myself some square beads to make my own! Or perhaps (like most necklaces I've been eying these days) I can make one out of polymer clay! Then I can make it whatever colour I'd like and it wouldn't require any new supply purchasing. Sounds like a plan! Now if only I could manage to finish all the consignment crafts I've been hammering away on these last few days...


  1. Extreme Frugality... Is this being cheap while base jumping? Sounds pretty epic to me!

  2. I like it too, though I might like the beads smaller, which you could totally do with polymer clay!