Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What was I thinking?

Have you ever bought something and then as soon as you get home regret it? You're at a shop and it seems like such a good idea and soon afterwards wonder what in the world you were thinking? I usually avoid buyers regret by cutting out impulse shopping and thinking on most of my purchases - well all but one.

The other day I read a perfectly charming little post from Elsie about lipstick. She said in her blog how she overheard two fashionable older ladies chatting about their favourite lipstick, Revlon's "Love that Pink". She picked it up the next day and weeks later discovered that her grandma had the exact same shade at her home. How sweet. If three old ladies (and one very trendy blogger) approve I figure it was worth a try right? Soon after Fraser and I ended up at Zellers and I figured I could pop in the makeup section and get the lipstick. To my surprise they were sold out. It must be good if Zellers doesn't have it (don't all little old ladies shop there?)! A few days after I decided to pick up some much needed toothpaste and lip balm after work and wouldn't you know it - there it was, Revlon's "Love that Pink" lipstick. Good old London Drugs. Time to rush home and try it out in all it's pink lipped glory:

The verdict? Ack! I looked like a clown! My lips were an ungodly shade of bright pink and with the contrast of my extremely pale white skin, I was far from "loving that pink". What was I thinking? I could have bought a nice block of cheese with that $10 and instead have a once used tube of lipstick that will likely sit at the bottom of my makeup case for the next 15 years. Oh well. Live and learn right? What's the last thing you had buyers regret from?


  1. Think of it as a challenge. Every friend that comes to your house must try on the lipstick until you find the person it is meant for.
    I also stand in stores and think...This 7 dollars could get me a block of cheese. Is this item really worth no melted cheese?

  2. Dude, my buyers regret is about... lipstick! I just don't know how to wear it or something. Or maybe my lips are too big, or I need to use lipliner or something? It's just always gross unless it's exactly the same colour as my lips (which Clinque actually makes), and in that case, what's the point? Sigh. I'll give it a try when I come visit. Maybe we can use it on Jean to make her look creepy.

  3. Oh, that sucks! I am not good at wearing lipstick either - I wear gloss exclusively. The last thing I brought, and the last thing I regret buying, was the Maybelline Masterliner eyeliner pencil. It's too thin and doesn't spread well and isn't dark enough ; _ ; It's not really a big deal because I can still wear it, I just have to wear heaps and spend ages putting on layers to get it dark enough and thick enough. Maybe this will cure my eyeliner addiction? ... Nah! ~_^

  4. That's such a bummer! I wish I could wear lipstick but I'm more of a lip balm girl.

  5. Oh, dear! Maybe you could put it on and wipe it off, apply lip balm, and have a faint pink stain on your lips? I have bought some beauty products I wished I could throw out the window, too. Luckily Sephora will let you return things!