Monday, April 2, 2012

If only...

Even though I didn't manage to get up to any April fools shenanigans yesterday, I did enjoy a few on the internet - specifically the cat related ones! Since the internet and cats seem to go hand in hand it only made sense to combine the two into silly April 1st advertisements! I realize that these were only jokes, but I do sort of wish they weren't. Wouldn't it be awesome if Old Navy came out with a clothing line for kitties?

What a nice email to wake up to! And how handsome that cat looks in his tweed and glasses! I would be all over cat fashion items and I'm sure if I ever manage to own a cat that tolerates it, I will be dressing him up like crazy! Alas, Fraser is still very much allergic and our building doesn't allow pets...but a girl can dream!

And since we're on the topic of dreams, you have no idea how much I wish this April fool's joke wasn't fake:

Ahahaha! A kitten printing machine! What a concept! It would be extra easy for me to go from cat-less to full fledged crazy cat lady in a matter of minutes! Just check out those fun, fast, easy instructions:

Let's not get into how unfortunate it would be when the cat toner gets low, but since it's only an imaginary product there's no need to stress the fine print. Way to get my hopes up Kodak. If only everyone was as cat crazy as me...What do you think? What's the best April fools joke you've ever pulled off?


  1. oh goodness love the kitten printer!!!!

  2. I don't think I've ever pulled off any April Fools jokes. I've probably had some pulled on me though (not that I really remember those either). Apparently I have no memory! I like your kitty jokes. My favourite one I've ever heard was on Quirks and Quarks (on CBC radio). The host, Bob MacDonald interviewed a man who discovered an amazing animal in South America that actually removed carbon from the atmosphere and pooped it out as rocks, thus helping to solve Global Warming! Unfortunately, the man who discovered it got REALLY hungry and ate the only known specimen! I love CBC April Fools jokes since they sound so legit!

  3. Percy wouldn't like another cat in the house! I know because of how he reacts if there a cat on the outside of screen door. It does not get a warm great!!!

  4. A pilot friend of mine saw a great one on WestJet's site, apparently - they were introducing a "Kargo Kids" rule, wherein all children under the age of 8 fly for free... in the ship's cargo bay.

  5. I want a printed kitty too! ^_^ Craftster did a whole re-brand yesterday, everyone's icons turned into cat pictures, they announced that only cat-related crafts would be accepted on the site, and all their featured projects were for cat crafts ^_^

    I don't think I've ever pulled a prank on April Fools, but I once had Listerine fresh breath strips introduced to my sandwich. Salami + salad + mouth-cleanser? Not a good combination!

  6. Haha that's hilarious! I kind of missed April Fool's Day too, so thanks for sharing these. :D