Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Art Card!

A few weeks ago I shared a link to Amanda's fourth art card swap and I thought I'd share my finished piece! I figured since I did a different technique in each of the last four ATCs I've made (check them out here) that I'd stitch this one. I went with the pinking sheer flowers pattern I've used on coffee sleeves and tea cozies in the past and made a tiny little wool felt card version. Take a peek:

Hooray! How springy! I am particularly pleased with how the little stitched dirt looks and really like the light green background. Here's a closer look:

Oh I just love quick little projects! Luckily spring is in full swing here in Victoria and the city is bursting with cherry blossoms, spring flowers, and greenery! It has even been nice and sunny these last few days making extra lovely. So what do you think of my ATC? You can check out the other entries on Amanda's blog (link) and I really hope my partner likes mine! I wonder which one I'll receive...


  1. Too cute! I LOVE this felt aceo - so original! :) Thanks for participating again!

  2. This card is awesome! I wish that there was more spring in Kamloops right now!

  3. Awesome! I'm so jealous of your cherry blossoms!

  4. Your flowers are so tiny and cute! That felt looks lovely too - really soft and with rich colours. Great job! ^_^