Sunday, April 29, 2012


Well looks like just as the week is wrapping up, so are the pieces of fun mail I've been receiving and blogging about.  I'm not entirely sure how it ended up that I got three swap crafts all within the same week (you'd think it would be spread out a bit) but no complaints from me! Today I'm sharing the sweet art card I got from Ulixis (Amanda)'s ACEO exchange 4.0. She even did a post showing all the fun submissions and I had to anxiously wait and see who my partner was going to be. Turns out it was Lou Back who made me a gorgeous crochet flower card:

Isn't it beautiful? I really love the detail in the stitched flower and the nice layering and colours in the background! The card was even awesomely wrapped in a neat envelope with washi tape (my fav)! What fun! I still haven't heard if my swap partner received my ATC (link), but here's to hoping she likes it! What do you think? Have you ever participated in a swap before? Do you prefer a direct swap (where you meet your partner and swap back and forth) or the kind where the person you swap to isn't the one you receive from? Inquiring minds (well...mind...) want to know!


  1. That card is really lovely! I really like the crocheted flower ^_^

    The only type of swap I have done is the direct (and in person!) type because I'm worried about international postage going astray/ getting a partner that doesn't send anything/ people not liking what I send them ... I'm a worrying type of person apparently ~_^

  2. that card is so cute!!

    I've done 2 different kinds of swaps - One where you swap directly with one person and another where you make one thing for each person in the swap and then get a goodie bag of everything everyone made. Thankfully the second swap was smaller so I made 5 items. But I really like the direct swap because I've made 2 interweb friends from it!