Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Look at me not kill things!

Woo hoo! Plant progress on my wee little herbs! I shouldn't be so doubtful of me not being able to grow things because the cilantro I planted is popping up all over:

Do they ever want to reach out to the sun! I think there will be many mexican inspired fresh herb dishes in my future this summer! Yay! I'm trying to be patient with my rosemary, and so far I have the tiniest little baby sprout peeping through:

I think the arrow was necessary to spot that one, but hopefully a few of the other herb seeds I planted with break under peer pressure and start to sprout. Perhaps I need to sing to them more often? That helps right?


  1. I definitely think that you should sing to them more. I love Katie singing!

  2. I already told you about rosemary, right? Right. All done.