Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! In my world, it's a perfect day for celebrating bunnies, cute baby spring animals, and (of course) binging on easter candy! Hooray! Since my parents are down visiting for the long weekend I thought I'd turn the tables on them and make a special surprise ma and pa Easter egg hunt for them! However, unlike the egg hunts of my childhood I didn't buy a single panned egg (we always got those, and they are pretty gross):

Nope this year I bought some custom "sugar free for mom" and "anything candy like for dad" bulk treats that I've packed up in some plastic eggs I got in Langford (don't worry, I washed them first). To differentiate mom and dad's eggs I put little pink hearts on the ones for my mom (and hope the will be good enough). Take a gander:

I don't know why more people don't do egg hunts like this! You can fill them with your favourite candies and don't have to worry about getting melted chocolate or candy crumbs all over the house! Hurrah! I hope my parents are excited for their early morning egg hunt! How about you? What sort of traditions does your family have at Easter? What's your favourite candy to hunt for? Anyone else smart enough to stuff those fun coloured plastic eggs?


  1. I like those eggs! The panned ones or whatever they're called! Jean is hunting for eggs filled with cheerios and goldfish crackers, and now that a few hours have passed, she's actually trying to find more than one.

    Also, I think you might need to do some research on what Easter is all about. I'm pretty sure celebrating bunnies isn't part of it :)

  2. We do the stuffed eggs. My sister will also put little hair clips in them and other small items so that they can look for eggs without having a million chocolates to eat.

  3. It was fun hunting for Easter eggs. I can't remember when I last went on an Easter Egg Hunt! Thanks Kate. I think that I should go eat a couple. Mom