Wednesday, April 25, 2012

star cozy!

My week of handmade mail continues - this time with a prize I won in a giveaway! You may recognize this geeky handiwork because it is none other than my fabulous sponsor (and previous friday find) Velma!  You may remember how I mentioned how I've been reading Velma's blog for years now and not too long ago she held a giveaway for one of her awesome mario star coffee cozies! I am super happy I won since (yes, it's list time):

1) The cozy is totally rad (and my two fave colours)
2) I love Velma's handmade goods
3) I love getting mail (especially cute geeky mail)
4) I work in a coffee shop, drink loads or hot beverages, and can totally utilize this cozy to the best of its abilities!
5) I love super mario brothers and this little star guy is super cute:

Hooray! I should have also mentioned something about how I stink at knitting and extra appreciate the crafts I'm incapable of making but five is such a nice number when writing lists don't you think? I think it's also kind of cute how the stars in mario make the characters go into super speedy mode (just like me after a few cups of coffee!). Well, I'm sure Velma (and all of you) already thought of that...but I thought I'd mention it just in case you haven't had a brain boost today.  This little guy has a new home in my work tote and is ready for hand heat protecting action! Yay! Thanks Velma! I love him!


  1. That is awesome!

  2. I am SO glad you like it!!!! AND so glad that you will be able to use it!! YEAH!!!! I need to make another one to add to my shop!

  3. That is so cool! Lucky you ^_^

  4. This is so cute <3 you are one lucky lady!

    have a lovely day!