Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make your own felt flowers

I've made all sorts of felt flower decorations in the past and really love this flower tutorial from Infarrantly Creative! Just take a peek at those blooming felt wonders:

Wouldn't they make awesome brooches, hair pins, and fascinators? I sure think so! Plus I always love a good felt project and just bought some fresh wool felt in a whole bunch of fun colours to try this out with! Hooray! I really like the texture you get with these flowers and love how 3D they are. To top it all off, they look super easy to whip up (making them all more attractive to me)! What fun! What do you think?


  1. Maybe you should develop "sew it yourself" felt/embroidery kits?

  2. Love it. I also love how many varieties of felt flowers there are out there, while all being basically the same. Quite a show of human imagination.

  3. They are really cute! I think I need to invest in some pretty wool felt ^_^