Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ponycat Swap Goodies!

Well apparently this week is going to be all about getting fun crafts in the mail because boy have I ever got some lovely handmade goods to share with you! Last week I showed you the wooden pendant necklace and felt fox pin I made for my craft swap with Carmila and I am thrilled to show you what I got in return! Take a peek at the amazing pile of crafts Carmila made:

Oh my was I ever spoiled! I can't decide which craft I like best but I am over the moon about each one, let's take a peek at each of them:

1. Felt Camera Pouch - I'm sure this one was a spin on Elycia's camera plush tutorial, but it is just perfect as a little purse! I love the blues and button details and am already using it to hold coins! Isn't it adorable?

2. Felt Ice Cream Cone Ring - Another teal beauty (my fave colour) with wonderful hand stitching detail. I really like the little heart on top and how it fits me perfectly. What are the chances? I guess Miss Carmila Ponycat is just that good!

3. Purple Knit Bow - This one was pinned to Carmila's business card and is so sweet. Although I have many failed attempts at knitting, I do love how the stitches look and have already worn my new bow in my hair. I'll have to take some pictures of my new hair experiments (since I'm growing it out and letting it go curly from time to time) and the purple jewel tone really plays up my redheaded-ness!

4. Amigurumi Bunny Necklace - I squeeled when I saw this one because he is just so cute!  The attention to detail is amazing and the darling scarf and button eyes are to die for! I'm in love. Take a closer look:

If this post doesn't convince you to follow Carmila's blog (and her awesome crafts) then I don't know what else would! She is one talented lady and I am so so happy to be the recipient of such thoughtful handmade goods! Yay! Once I get some of my consignment crafts whipped up (I've got some pretty large orders I've been hammering away on) I think I'll host my very own swap so you can join in on the fun too! What do you think? Aren't Carmila's swap presents awesome?


  1. You are luck to have been matched up with sure a talented crafter ( and you are a talented crafter your self).

  2. I think that I need to learn how to make amigurumi. Super cute!

  3. Cute!! Love the camera ;)


  4. I'm so glad you like the things I made for you! It makes me really happy to see them here(: I really enjoyed making a swap with you (my very first swap!) And I´m looking forward to joining my second swap if you host one(;

    have a lovely day, Kate!