Saturday, March 20, 2010


Every summer my mom buys feeder fish for the pond in our backyard to munch on the inevitable mosquito larvae population that tends to reside there. Once the season is over, she leaves them out there and they turn into sad little fish-sicles once the water freezes over. One fall I had the genius idea to save the poor fishies and put them in that old aquarium we had in our shed and move them into my room! Well...."that old aquarium" turned out to be super gross so I just bought a new aquarium instead! Hooray!

I soon realized there is a reason those feeder fish are so cheap. They are gross and poo everywhere and once they reach sexual maturation they get gross little white dots all over them that look like they have ick (they also really look like little convex mucoid pinpoint bacterial colonies too...but that's the geek in me talking). After a few years they actually got ick (which I couldn't really diagnose since they had spots on them to start with) and they all died (even my darling sucker fish steve *sob*). I decided to start fresh and leave the mosquito controlling feeders to their icy doom and get guppies instead (and a new sucker fish I named "stevette" since he was much smaller than the original). That was about three years ago. Another thing I've learned? Guppies don't have a very long life span.

The other day I noticed some rotting fish carcasses stuck on my filter and figured it was time to get some new guppies! (Don't worry - even though I suck at feeding my ever...stevette is still fine). Off to the pet store I go! And? They don't have any male guppies for sale. Wtf. My fish population isn't going to last very long with only new females! Luckily jim's boss has a plethora of baby guppies and was generous enough to give me a chocolate ice cream bucket full! Success! I have fishies again! I even cleaned my fish tank (which percy very much enjoyed). Take a look:

How lovely! Too bad stevette is so camera shy (he's hiding behind that rock) but I really like the test tubes in the corner there! What a great addition! And just so you know, I've got really good at feeding them. Once a day and everything! Go me!


Yes - Today is my sister's 29th bday! Happy birthday les. Can't wait for your interpretive dance 30th birthday next year! Hooray! Also wishing my dear friend lucas a wonderful 23rd. Birthdays for everyone!


  1. Nice fishies. Sniff, sniff... I thought you'd be posting about my birthday today... sniff. And how I helped you pick up the fishies. I transported that ice cream bucket safely!

  2. There you go bubba. Updated just for you!

  3. It's going to be an extravaganza! An interpretive dance extravaganza! Lucas can come too. And Jacob (to make the Awake Tea Lattes).

  4. Whoa. Your tank looks so *clean*! Reminds me I need to clean out my own. The newt is looking at me right now, accusingly.

  5. I like the way you cleaned your fish tank as I usually get tired of seeing the algae ridden tank and clean it! Mom