Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Smokey Comparison

About two weeks ago I shared a post with you on the insane zombie apocalypse smoke my hometown of kamloops was suffering from (link). Well, my sister mentioned how some comparison photos would be better reference for the crazy smoke haze and I aim to please! Let's take a moment to compare:

Scenic lookout before (notice nice flowers, slight haze, and that crazy white/grey sky):

Scenic Lookout after (Yay! Blue sky! No zombies in sight!):

Whew! And if you thought that was shocking - take a looks at this one!!!

Kamloops view before (a giant mess of smokey awfulness):

Kamloops view after (My goodness you can actually see the valley!):

So much better! Goodbye smoke! Don't come back anytime soon...


  1. Much better. That sister of yours is one clever cookie! They definitely make a shocking comparison!

  2. I do love those blue skies! I always feel like The Land Before Time could have been set in Kamloops. Prehistoric Mountains and all.

  3. Yes, no smoke is much nicer. Fire can be scary like the time my parents were surrounded by 3 or 4 fires and they wouldn't leave the farm as someone had to look after the animals. Mom

  4. that is CRAZY! Glad the zombies are gone too!

  5. WOAH! definitely more shocking with after pictures!