Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cats and Coffee Dates

When I told Kate that I would take on her blog while she was gone I seriously underestimated the planning blogging everyday requires. It is fun, but I do find myself thinking, as I'm getting ready to go to bed, that I need a blog post for the morning. Well, I had a lovely coffee date with my dear friend Karl, and you know what? I'm beat, unorganised, and would rather go to the market early in the morning than stay up late tonight...
SO what does that mean for you?

He kind of looks like me when I hit the shower and need to save my straight hair (yes, I have been known to use plastic bags).


  1. Blogging everyday is super hard after a while (but I greatly appreciate you helping out all month)! I do plan to come back on Tuesday! Eep! Better get thinking....

  2. What is happening in this picture?? It's pretty hilarious! I guess he just didn't want to mess up his hair either. ;-)