Saturday, October 22, 2011

Glitter and Gold

The minute I saw this I thought it screamed Kate. I have yet to figure out why she hasn't blogged about this genius idea.
These gold animals were featured on The Sweetest Occasion a few months ago. The process is so easy that I wish I had thought of it. Animal, drill, insert, paint, light on fire!

How awesome would these be for an adults birthday? They would be completely unexpected and lighthearted.

On an gold note, I found this little tutorial yesterday over at Ardor
The concept is the same but everything is a little bit larger.
What else could we use these gold beauties for? Paper towel holder? Toilet paper holder? Bracelet stand? Lets brain storm a bit as I clearly need to fill my house with these!

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  1. That is a fantastic idea, and I will be sharing this with my friends who are mommies! Great blog, love the pictures!Keep up the good work