Monday, October 24, 2011

Traveling Pants

Vancouver looked lovely today. I stopped in at the Regional Assembly of Text with wonderful friends and lusted after wonderful hand printed goods.

My visit with Kate was too short, but Victoria was lovely. We did get a few hours together which I'm grateful for as she was not feeling well. (Leave it to me to drag her out of bed into the rain.)

Time for some cats:


  1. We are going to Victoria in a couple of weeks. Don't quote as I might have the timing wrong. Either way I look forward to seeing Kate and Fraser. Not much new here, but I can hear the pumpkins calling me. I think I have about eight to carve, not as many as some years.
    When I was on my walk the other day a man asked me if I was carving pumpkins this year and how he like to see what I have done. EEK added pressure! I still have some time to plan. Maybe the internet would be a good place to for ideas.

  2. I think need a cat themed room in my house. I'm sure Fraser would be okay with that.