Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mid morning post today

I'm really loving vignettes (you know, for the house I don't have...)
easy electic hall eclectic hall

This one on Pinterest caught my eye the other day. It is shoe box lids wrapped in fabric.

I have never subscribed to the idea that crafts have to expensive or perfect. That is why I like this idea so much. Think about the shoes we all buy. They are different sizes, depths, and shapes. A quick trip to the bargain section of the fabric store and this could be a simple project done for less than 10 dollars! And the best part? If you have a short attention span like me, you won't feel terrible if you rotate it out in a few months!

Pretty fun idea! I can think of a certain blogger who is wishing she kept the box to her knee high boots!


  1. Yeah...that would have come in handy, but there is no way I wanted to tote around that shoe box all day! Looks like I just need to go buy more shoes! Hurrah!

  2. Isn't Pinterest the best?! All of the amazing ideas you want to try in one place!

  3. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing it!