Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sleep in Saturday

I love when friends are in town and we get to go out for breakfast.

(You bet we get a side of bacon to go with our green eggs and ham)


  1. I wondered which bird lays a green egg so I will look it up. --- The emu does and that would take a few of people to eat it. One time when we were in England a relative from Australia gave my brother an ostrich egg and it was and is huge. I can't remember how many people ate that egg but I am sure it feed a lot of people.

  2. Certainly less exotic than an emu egg, Hello Toast makes them with (chicken eggs) swiss cheese, and pesto. Did they bring the egg from Australia, to England, for the Canadians to eat? It sounds like a worldly omelette!

  3. Some chickens lay green eggs. Well, the shells are green at least. My friend gave me eggs her chickens laid once, and there were a couple of green ones in there.

    Two kinds of pig for breakfast? I'm impressed! Kate would so not approve though... :)