Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's a Crewel World

On Friday my sister Catherine, her daughter Abby, Kate, and myself all met down town for a little retail fun. It wasn't the hardcore professional shopping that Kate and I are used to, but we did make it to our usual haunts (after we left Catherine and Abby). It turned out that 6 year old (as of yesterday!) Abby had the best haul of all. Kate and I found matchstick pencil crayons, which, every crafty little girl needs. Abby also walked away with this crewel kit from Wool and Hoop.
She was so excited that she wanted to stay in the hotel room all night and embroider.

Her stitching was perfect. Straight and even and professional. Catherine made lavender pouches with little cross-stiched hearts on them for my mom one year (to hang with her clothes). Now I would very much like to make my own set.
I, however, need to focus on the bracelet I am repairing for Dilia, the Christmas presents I'm making my mom Alyssa and Dilia, my pen pals, oh and work... If I finish those tasks then I can consider stiching, but lets face it I never finish anythi

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  1. Hahaha! Best post yet Lindsay! Maybe I should never get better...