Sunday, October 2, 2011

We Are the Same Person

It's Kate here!

OK, if you are a loyal reader you will have known by the first capitol that she is truly pulling away for the next little while to take care of herself.

So who is the person that has hacked into the Scientific Culture Blog? Well, I'm Lindsay! Lindsay Who? Lindsay here, and here, and here! I have never blogged (bear with me on this one), I don't sell hand made goods, and scientific talk makes my eyes glaze over.

Kate and I are pretty much the same person (no, actually). So for the next little while I'm going to post for Kate. Honestly, I will be posting to Kate. I will be posting what I think SHE would like to see, which is what I hope YOU would like to see. I think we are all pretty much the same person, don't you?

How about delights like Karla's Closet

A little repurposing like ISLY (remember Kate's charmer)

Tasty recipes like roasted garlic from Oh She Glows (Kate loves garlic..and curry)

Take a listen Kim Churchill (Kate and I saw this dreamy guy play at Rifflandia)
Well, follow this link-I'm clearly not at the embedding level of blogging just yet.

What do you like seeing on Kate's blog?
What do you think she would like to see on her blog?

Here we go, lets hope I don't burn the place down!


  1. Way to go Lindsay! Your blog looked just the way Kate's do. Keep up the good work and Kate enjoy your little holiday.

  2. What a great post! I already enjoy Karla's closet and Isly, but am extra excited to get into some vegan garlic cooking! Did you see her detox salad? I'm drooling with the potential immune system boosting deliciousness!! Also Kim Churchill was super awesome...and dreamy...time for a listen.

    Thanks for being the best pal ever Lindsay while I heal up! You rock!

  3. Hi, Lindsay! Can't wait to read your posts. :)