Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Turkey weekend for us Canadians, eh!
I'm triple dipping this year. My family is split across the province so we did turkey last weekend with my sister and her family. This weekend my brother's family will be in town for Ham. AND I'm going to a turkey potluck that, Amanda, a dear friend of Kate and mine is hosting.
I'll be totally honest, I've been longing for Amanda's pumpkin cheese cake all week.

Where are you in the world? What are your thanksgiving traditions?


  1. I'll live vicariously and pretend I am having thanksgiving. I'm insanely jelous of your pumpkin cheesecake eating! Yum!

  2. Hi!
    i live in Mexico so we dont celebrate thanksgiving here,but I've gone several times to dinner to celebrate thanksgiving day in November because I know people here who celebrate it that day. And I love the food they serve, I hope they invite me this year:p

    I hope you have a lovelt saturday(:

    Carmila Ponycat

  3. I'm from Austin Texas. Normally we go to my husband's parent's house where both sides of his family gets together and my mom and step-dad also join in. We have somewhere between 20-50 people at these gatherings! Its fun to be around so many people who really love being together. Recently my siblings have been trying to get together on Holidays (none of us lived together since we are all half siblings from different marriages) so we are trying to start our own things now we are adults.