Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Secret Saturday

My weekend visit with my dear friend Emily was put on hold Saturday when her Best friend delivered a lovely baby girl! Babies trump breakfast dates. (Aren't they both beautiful?)
What happened next?...COOK! For six hours.
I asked Pinterest for acorn squash and it found me this recipe from Simply Recipes.
I mashed it and love the sweet flavour mixed into the sqaush. There is no need to sneak a little bit more topping as its all mixed in and wonderful.
Then, vinegar potatoes from Oh She Glows.
These were so good, but don't inhale the vinegar. That first gush when you open the oven is dangerous!
I made more of the rosemary walnuts (great call on reducing the salt).
Then, masala! I started with this recipe again, from Oh She Glows.
I, however, was lazy so I bought a package of masala spices from Super Store, chick peas, and rice! Yummy!
By Sunday night I threw a spaghetti squash in the oven to toss with olive oil, pesto, and (gluten free) spaghetti.
No Emily, but lots of food! Hurrah!