Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Xavier Gallego is a graphic designer that I know very little about. He makes lots of animations under the 'eyesore' title like this beauty:
I love that Xavier has fun characters. This one's over emphasized shoulders down to his little spindly legs makes him instantly 'manly' without being over the top.

THEN I started flipping through his flikr site...
OH MAN! I love all his illustrations!
Look at these!
They are SO educational.
Xavier has also made an app for phones and Facebook. If I had a fancy phone (or cared about FB) I would make his works all mine!

Do you think Kate will love these? I think so!


  1. You're right (as always) they are so awesome! Although I doubt crying mustaches would be very much fun. Good thing I'm not a man.

  2. Before I opened this comment page I was going to say that Kate would love these pictures. I was right.

  3. EEKS!!! Those monsters are amazing!! I especially like the Love is Waterproof and How to Feed a Massive Monster. Genius!