Monday, October 17, 2011

Thrifty Monday

While we are on the topic of thrifty craft projects, take a look at what Bolig Liv has done now!
Now before you follow the link, you should know this isn't an english site. I thank my lucky google chrome for automatically detecting and translating non-english sites for me. How this has changed my life and allowed me to pretend that I live in Europe is a whole other blog post.
In anycase, if you don't have chrome fear not. This craft it is pretty simple, and I have even translated it.

Find some boxes. (Danish boxes are best.)
Cut the top off and put it in the bottom (for a seemless back).
Paint and Put on the wall next to awesome hanging stars!

I doubt the "shelves" would hold much weight, but the depth and colour would be fun.
Especially since you will have a bunch of topless shoe boxes left over from yesterday's blog.
(How nicely that all tied in!)


  1. This gives me a whole new view on boxes.

  2. That is such a great idea! Must keep boxes...