Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ladies Card Night

Look what happened last night...
Card making!

My afernoon started with getting a filling at the dentist, awesome...
BUT I picked Sarra up for a wee sushi date (we sat on the same side of the table, natch). Then headed over to mine for an evening of crafting and eating. Wendy, Cindy, Sarra, and I spent the evening around my dining room table and boy did we get our card stock piles ready for pen palery.

When I first started pen paling I realized very quickly that the cost of buying cards ($5 EACH!) was not sustainable, so I started making cards with scrap paper and quipy sayings. When Sarra wanted to have a card making night once a month I was ALL OVER IT!

I thought about showing some of the cards we made but lets face it, most of the cards will be sent to Kate and it's her blog. You will have to remind her later to show them to you.

Last night was so much fun that we will be doing it again next month (just like TRAOT! We will pretend).

Do you have pen pals? Have you always wanted one? I'm one half of the best pen pal pair ever (the other half being Kate) so if you want a letter from Exotic Canada drop me a line (not Kate as she is STILL healing)!

*I had pictures of us all smiling and such, but they deleted somehow and are gone forever. So here is a picture of a cat.*
Meowy Christmas!


  1. Hahaha. Love the cat (natch), but am also quite excited about these cards! Hooray for mail!

  2. Meowy Christmas! Awesome! Cool idea with the cards, too. I should pen pal that sis o' mine sometime... like after I finish unpacking my house...