Friday, October 7, 2011

What Nuts?

Walnuts! And figs! And brown sugar! And rosemary?

101 Cookbooks is fantastic!

I'm such a lame duck when it comes to creative cooking. Living in a small town with a gluten intolerance, and a testy body kills most of my food fun. Because of food blogs like Heidi's I find new ideas with minimal commitment.

On the weekend I made a half batch of these amazing brown sugar rosemary walnuts. I actually cut the salt in half, and tripled the figs, and man they were incredible.

I have made a few of heidi's recipes (from the gluten free section!) and every time I eat one of her recipes I take a few moments to chew. No, really chew. And taste. And feel the flavours sink in. It is wonderful and freeing!

I made this mushroom casserole a few months ago. It was delicious and I even burnt it! (yes, I'm that single girl eating the non burnt parts of her semi successful attempt at domesticity.)

Do you have any go to food blogs/sites that save you from another night of spaghetti?


  1. That casserole looks amazing! I've been sticking to Pinterest for my new recipe fix although it looks like I'll be adding this to the rotation as well! Yum!

  2. That casserole does look delish! I think I'll whip it up for the potluck thanksgiving dinner I'm heading to on Sunday. Provided I can find any of my cooking stuff, that is... Love the photography on the site too. Good stuff.