Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bastion Square Market Recap - vol iv

Another Sunday has come and gone and I'm back again to report how the craft show went! Each week I try to improve my booth, learn from my wrongs, and become a master of craft efficiency and love to share my findings with all of you! This past Sunday was a most beautiful, hot, summery day and to switch things up, Thea (the market coordinator) moved me to the middle of the square - and boy oh boy, was it ever picturesque! Just check it out:

And if that doesn't appeal - how about some nice Victoria greenery!:

With the temperatures pushing into to low 30 C's, I was thankful I got to set up right under a big gorgeous tree:

The wind wasn't too furious this week so we skipped the tent walls and I set the tables up to avoid gusts blowing away my goods. I'm really loving how the L shape of the two tables is working out and as always I was thrilled with how bright and (hopefully) welcoming my booth turned out under the shade of the tree:

I even got the chance to wear my mint green dress I picked up a few months back. It was originally a maxi but with my extra long legs the length looked bizarre. Time to whip out the sewing machine and make it tea length (my fave!)! Yay! Throw in some handmade accessories to showcase items at my table and voila - a breezy cool summer craft show outfit:

As for the market itself, the inner square spot was a bit slower than the back road I usually set up on, but I did appreciate the shade! The spot was bustling with people here for the long weekend and I even got to meet a blog reader (and hand out a freebie to her)! How fun! I got lots of pleasant compliments on my items and set up and had an okay day of sales. I really enjoyed the nice ocean breeze wafting up the square and the nice atmosphere thanks to three different busker gigs in the area! 

As far as battling the outdoor elements, I think I've finally got it down. I switched the finishing nails on my bulletin board that holds earrings and combined with the "back to the breeze" placement, I didn't have a single fly away item! What a quick and effective fix that was!

I also raided the dumpster yet again and got an old cracked floor mat for some added cushioning! Standing for seven hours can certainly get tiring and mat certainly seemed to help (oh, and the price was right). Take a peek:

I think the next step would be to get a fold-able high chair/stool that would put me up at a welcoming buyers level and take the pressure off my arthritic joints. It isn't a high priority for me at this point (especially since I've got the cushy mat), but might be worth keeping my eyes peeled for in case I see one on sale one day. 

As for my plans for next week - I'm hoping I'll get to go back a busier spot and just need to make some more products to restock! I've already made a whole slew of fabric button earrings this week and now I'm onto mustaches since they seem to be a hit. I figure if I'm full of spare time I might make a few more rings and embroidery hoops but since I've already got a full schedule we'll see how that goes.

What are your thoughts? Any craft show tips for me? What do you look for when you shop at craft markets? Anything I can do to draw you in?


  1. Your booth looks very nice<3 i would love to visit you if i could and see all the beautiful stuff you have.
    Did i tell you i finally got your ACEO ? It made me VERY happy Im so lucky to have one more lovely thing made by you (:
    I hipe you have an awesome day, kate!


    1. Yay! Thanks Carmila! I would love to come see all the cute crochet things you make too! And I'm happy you liked the art card - it was fun making it :)

  2. Your stall look lovely; and it's so nice when one can be in the shade at the fair ^_^ When I'm looking at craft markets I go for stalls that have a range of large and small products, business cards that I can pick up (so I can view blogs or online stores later), and friendly looking store-owners! ^_^ I think you fulfil all of that!

  3. a chair or stool to sit on is essential! while even tho I normally would stand at shows, and would always stand when a customer walked over, having a place to sit during lulls is so nice. i also think a banner for your shop is a must have. i've always used JAK prints ( for banners. they are very high quality and also the best priced i could find when i had both of mine made.

    i actually will be having a new one made very soon for my first show come October in my new business. I think having a banner really shows off who you are and what you are selling.

    business cards out is also a must have. i can't tell you how many i'd go through at shows. i had amazing business cards. i'll have to post pictures of them on my blog so you can see - so many people actually used to ask me if there was a charge to take one haha so get designing!

    your set up looks really good tho! i love the organization of it and different levels of display =) hope my "two cents" helped you a little?! but i think you are definitely off to a good start!

    1. A banner is an awesome idea! I think it's a wee bit late to get one for this season but I will certainly keep it in mind for later on!

      I totally agree with the business cards point too. I have some out on a plate near the front of my booth and most interested buyers snap one up. I also give away little bookmark cards with orders and they seem to be a hit as well.

      After looking at these pictures I really want I spiff up my tablecloths for a more polished look but we will see if I find the time and motivation for that one...

    2. I don't think they take too long to make the banners. I honestly don't remember because it's been a couple years since I bought my last one. Which reminds me I need to get one laid out and ordered if I want mine for my show in October!

      I couldn't see the business cards in the photo, and what a great idea for the bookmark cards. I love being able to give a little something to buyers.

      I'm currently trying to figure out how to layout my goodies. I'll have bar soaps, lip balms, tattoo/healing salve and crochet scrubbies/washcloths. Every time I'm going antiquing I'm constantly looking for displays. When I had Bill Pickles Dog Co. I hated my layout. I wanted different tiers and layers. But I really didn't have a ton of I have roughly 7 weeks to pull this one all together!

      Check out my blog today- I started a post regarding my old business, my design, logos, cards etc.

  4. Fly me to Victoria! Pow pow pow!

  5. Also, I love that dress. and the modesty lace. and your boobs look huge!