Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Mystery Plant Blooms

Well it appears as though my hours of Murder She Wrote watching isn't helping my detection skills much. Mind you - I don't have any murders to solve, but I do have the unsolved issue of the odd plants I seem to be growing! After writing my original post asking for any botanists out there for a hand - mystery plant 1 remained nameless and mystery plant 2 was identified as "elephant ear." Here's a refresher shot for you:

Well just as I suspected - mystery plant one has started to bloom and although there are loads of buds ready to burst I thought I'd take some pictures to see if it could help anyone to figure out what plant it is! Check it out:

The blooms look sort of like a petunia/morning glory hybrid but that foliage still has me stumped! Here's another shot:

Yup. Beats me what it is. If my memory serves me, the other matching plant to this one had yellow blooms last year but it isn't showing any signs of flowers just yet. So - now it's your turn! Any ideas?


  1. it looks like a trumpet vine, but those are normally orange..

  2. It's very pretty, whatever it is. Tonnes of blossoms, too! Jean would love picking them all for you.

  3. Guesses: Pink flowery viney plant... thunbergia. Other plant... elephant ear/colocasia. :)

  4. I think it's a lavatera. 'showy pink blooms, heart-shaped leaves'.

  5. my mom says if it is climbing like that it might be morning glory...but they are usually purple.