Sunday, August 12, 2012

tell me one thing you would never do

I recently decided to spend some of the iTunes gift certificates I had been holding onto since xmas (don't ask me how that happened - usually I spurge on things right away) and figured the newest Metric album was a great place to start my spending!  I've been listening to Metric since about 2003 (which is an awfully long time when I think about it) and always enjoy their pop-y up beat tunes. Their album "Synthetica" is no exception and I have been listening to "Lost Kitten" on repeat for days now. You may think I've exaggerating, but after listening to the song 8 or 9 times during a trip to Langford Fraser actually told me, "I think it's time to switch to the next song."  *Sigh* I guess I'm a little obsessed. If you feel like getting hooked here's an online version to enjoy:

I actually looked at a few videos with the song on you tube and figured the stagnant image of the album cover was best. There was one with a shirtless dude dancing at night on a street but that one sort of disturbed me too much to link to.  I prefer skin covered up thanks! Ah well. I also didn't realize how terrible the lyrics are - but I seem to go for melody so I'll blame that for my addiction. I also really like singing along to songs and find listening to them on repeat for days is a great way to ingrain them in there. I'm sure by the end of the week I'll be over my little song crush and be on to something new - if not, consider this my formal apology Fraser - I hope this doesn't change your mind on our engagement.  How about you? Do you ever go nuts over a certain song or album?

In other news - I'm off to the Bastion Square Sunday Market yet again today! The forecast calls for lots of sun and sales so I'm stoked! Okay...climatologists aren't very good at predicting my craft sales...yet...we'll see how it goes...


  1. haha. I can listen to songs over and over and over again. But somehow my man can't. I try to spare him the pain most of the time.

  2. I went nuts over "Wrecking Ball" from Mother Mother's Oh My Heart album.

    I'm disappointed to hear that the lyrics are lame because I love Metric, but lyrics matter to me, big time.

  3. Scott listens to songs and watches TV shows and movies over and over and over and over ... I prefer to have things on high rotation ^_^

    1. I didn't even mention my compulsive movie marathons! Sometimes when I have tons of crafting to do I'll throw a DVD on and watch it on repeat for a few days. Fraser once caught me watching a HP movie seven times in a row...I think I watched that series for a good two weeks before switching it up! Eep!

  4. i LOVE metric and really like their new album, i've been listening to it a LOT! i think my favourite song is either Youth without Youth, or The Void. i'm looking forward to seeing them in concert (for the 3rd time) this fall!

    the most recent song i've had on repeat (other than the above two) is Colours, by Grouplove