Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Folding Over Clutches

The projects over at A Beautiful Mess are always awesome. Those ladies certainly know where it's at as far as crafty DIYs go and always come up with cute, simple, inspiring, and amazingly well photographed posts I swoon over. Just check out this cotton and leather fold over clutch:


Isn't it calling my name? That could be because I've pretty much already written this post before (link) and bought a fold over clutch a few months back from Bookhou that is eerily similar:


Yup, no wonder I like their posts so much - they've got my tastes figured out! Luckily I've already got my own fold over clutch sans the leather so I can skip this project and go straight to using my lovely handmade accessory! Hooray! Happy Thursday! Only two more days of being 27 for me!

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  1. You can always use more clutches...